Summer with a Septic System in Boise, ID

Now that the weather is finally warming up here in Boise, ID, it’s time to start turning our thoughts to summer! With the way that the housing market has been here in Idaho, we know that many of our clients are navigating a lot of new things they’ve never experienced before, including living in a home with a septic system. As septic experts, at ASAP Septic, we are passionate about helping our clients keep things running smoothly in their homes. Today, we’ll be discussing some tips and tricks to keep your septic system running smoothly all summer long. 

Higher temperatures and increased water usage during the hottest time of year can increase the amount of strain on your septic system; therefore, it’s important to keep in mind how your summer activities might affect your septic system. A few things you can do to give your system a break are: 

  1. Water conservation: With the droughts we experience here in Idaho from time to time, it’s important to be mindful of your water usage anyway, but more so in the summers, and especially if you are on a septic system. Avoid overly long showers, and don’t run the dishwasher or washing machine every day if you don’t have to. Bear in mind that high-water use activities can be spaced out, which will help prevent septic issues. On the flip side, washing your car with the hose in the front yard where the water runs into the street gutters will not affect your septic system. A ton of extra water can overwhelm your septic system, which can cause emergency septic issues, which are never fun to deal with. 

  2. Garbage disposal usage: Summer is a popular time for backyard barbeques and entertaining guests, which we love! If you are cooking more or cooking with more fresh produce that you are tempted to put in the garbage disposal--well, don’t! Garbage disposals add organic materials to the septic tank and can lead to pipes becoming clogged or the tank filling too quickly. Instead, opt to throw food scraps in the trash or, better yet, the compost. 

  3. Household cleaners: Septic systems work in large part because of the microbial ecosystem that lives in the tank. Water is siphoned off of the tank, and waste is left behind, which is further broken down by bacteria. Many household cleaners have harsh chemicals in them. Harsh chemicals or anti-bacterial materials can disrupt the good bacteria in your septic tank, which can lead to sub-optimal performance from your septic system. 

  4. Maintenance: Whether you need to have your septic tank pumped or are due for an inspection, don’t let the busyness of summer distract you from keeping up with the regular maintenance your septic system needs. Summer often comes with vacations, camps and extra activities for the kids, and visits from friends and family, and the last thing you need is a septic emergency on your hands. 

  5. Landscaping and water use: Septic systems rely on a drain field where gray water is allowed to seep back into the ground. Especially as the heat kicks up, it’s common for people to water lawns and gardens more frequently. Overwater can saturate the ground, which means less availability for gray water to drain into the ground, which can then lead to a septic system failure. 

  6. Decomposition: higher temperatures mean that decomposition occurs more quickly. It’s unpleasant, but if the organic matter in your septic tank is decomposing rapidly, your tank may fill up more quickly than you expected. This same phenomenon may also cause odor issues around your septic system. If you notice any foul odors coming from your septic system, it’s vey important to get it inspected by a professional as soon as possible. 

We are excited to serve as many clients as possible in whatever capacity we can! We hope that, as spring and summer unfold for our friends here in Idaho, we will be able to share our knowledge and expertise and make your septic experience an overwhelmingly positive one. We serve Boise, Payette, Meridian, Caldwell, Garden Valley, Kuna, Lowman, Middleton, Mountain Home, ID, and all surrounding areas. Fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (208) 991-7184 for more information or to schedule a consultation today. 


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