Septic Leach Field Problems - Tree Roots!

Giving your septic tank plenty of room to operate is essential to having a long-lasting and well-maintained septic system. Some of the most beautiful backyards can have faulty septic tanks because of overgrown bushes and trees whose roots have overtaken their systems' space. When thinking about it from a natural standpoint, tree roots are meant to follow and grow towards water sources. So naturally, if trees are planted too close to your septic system, those roots might identify your tank as an excellent and reliable source of water---and grow right into it!

Plants and tree roots are GREAT at finding water, even if it means working their way into the pipes of your septic system. The roots will grow and expand within the pipes of your septic tank; this will cause a blockage and may potentially cause more serious damage. Some tree roots have punctured the wall of septic tanks and cause them to burst and spill. It is important to be able to recognize the signs of a damaged septic tank, and it is vital to have it professionally inspected and repaired as soon as possible to avoid paying the cost of a new septic system!

If you're experiencing any of the following, contact ASAP for immediate help:

  • slow drains
  • flooding in your yard
  • clogged drains
  • bad smells in your home
  • bad smells in your yard
  • darker patch of grass above your septic tank

Clearing your drain field before installing a septic tank is the smartest way to prolong the life of your septic tank. Breaches to your septic tank by roots can result in drain clogs, flooding, septic tank bursts, and dangerous bacteria being release into your system and yard. 

If you suspect that your septic tank has been compromised and would benefit in inspection and root removal, call ASAP Septic at (208) 991-7184 to set up your appointment and avoid paying the cost to replace a septic tank system and drain field.