Clogs, holes, gaps, and more! Residential Septic System Inspections

When it comes to home drain line and sewage inspections, maintenance is key! It is much safer, much easier, and much more cost-efficient to prevent potential septic tank damage than to have to repair your main sewer line. Drain lines should be inspected and cleared yearly. Older drain lines may need to be inspected more often. Depending on the age and condition of your drainage systems and pipes, you should get your residential and commercial drain lines inspected regularly to prevent any damage to your home and business. If you don't know the age and condition of your system, our high quality video inspections can accurately tell you how much life you have left in the tank! 

Video recordings of a neglected drain line can show evidence of cracks, holes, root intrusion, gaps, blockages, clogs, and so much more. ASAP will provide you thorough, consistent, frequent inspections of your drain line so you can have confidence in the health of your septic system. After we have identified the problem, we will quickly and expertly treat, repair, or replace your drain line. Ideally, we can catch the problem before any serious damage occurs, but if a compromised system is left untreated for too long it can lead to lasting and dangerous effects on your home's septic system. 

Unfortunately, most people ignore the common signs of a a drain line clog or blockage and end up doing serious damage their septic systems and homes. Don't wait until your home or yard is flooding to get your drain line inspected.  Call ASAP at (208) 991-7184 immediately upon noticing any signs of blockage in your plumbing. 

Contact ASAP today to schedule an appointment for an affordable video sewer inspection of your drain line and potentially save your septic system (and a lot of money).